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We Manufacture since more than 150 years all kinds

of flexible card clothing for the spinning and finishing

industry our manufacturing programme includes:

  • Fancy fillets in different foundation
  • Stripper with diamont points   
  • Fillets for woollen cards          
  • Fillets for worsted spinning machines
  • Brushing fillets in different variations of foundation
  • round and profile wire bright, tinned or inox
  • Sheepskin fillets           
  • Cleaning fillets for cotton cards
  • Raising fillets in all execution
  • Cleaning sheets for raising rollers
  • Mounting and grinding of raising rollers
  • Mounting of flexible fillets on rollers
  • Cleaning card sheets and cleaning cardholders of aluminium
  • Special products( Pipe cleaning fillet-Fish fillet)
  • Extra hardened points for all kind of fillets
  • Special backing for all kind of fillets
  • Fillets and sheets  for the home spinning market ( handcards - drumcards
  • Metallic Wire
  • Ganzstahldraht


Kaarden BV                                                  


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5688 XH Oirschot

The Netherlands

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E-Mail: sales.kaarden@planet.nl